Review: Veet Cold Wax Strips

Hello my lovelies :) Today I am going to review 2 products from the Veet Cold Wax Strips range. I started purchasing these strips a couple of years back so that I could keep my brows and legs in check whenever I couldn't go to the beautician and today, I still shape my brows and wax my legs myself!

The fact that I have been buying these waxing strips for all this time shows that I am really content with what they do. The one time I strayed from these to try a different brand, I ended up regretting buying the new ones as they were either not compatible with my skin, leaving me with sore, red, blotches (even if it said suitable for sensitive skin on the pack) or they simply would not remove the hairs! So, let me start the review on the Veet ones.

First up are the Veet Cold Wax Strips Face for Normal Skin. As you might have guessed...I like the pink colour of the box ^.^! On the back, there are some precautions (also written on the leaflet) and some points on the product itself. I also like the smallish format as I can take it with me when on the go and I need touch ups for my brows or upper lips.

On opening the box, there are 20 wax strips (10 double sided strips), 4 Perfect Finish Wipes and an information leaflet.

As you can see, the wax is pink as well. I guess that's because of some red berry extract. In fact they have a light berry smell. Speaking (writing :P) of extracts, the wax strips also contain Shea Butter. To me, a product that has Shea Butter in it, earns extra points. The reason being, I love the moisturizing and skin-caring properties of this wonder ingredient.

Now let's come to the actual wax strips and the job they do. Since I use these strips for my eyebrows and upper lip, I cut them in smaller pieces; I remove the two short ends and one of the longer ends and then cut up the remaining into thick enough pieces. I like the fact that the scissors don't get stuck in the wax as I go about cutting up the strip.

I first warm up the strips between my hands so that the wax will adhere to the skin. In summer, I store the strips in the fridge to prevent the wax from melting and running into the box and consequently, I won't be able to use it. Then I pull the strips apart, put one aside and apply the other. Smooth the wax in the direction of hair growth and remove the strip whilst holding the skin taut. Et voila... hair free in seconds! Most importantly, I am not left with any blotchy, itchy, irritated skin and that's why I like Veet so much!

I can say the same exact things on the other pack of Veet cold wax strips which I use for my legs. This time, they contain Vitamin E and Almond Oil and are specifically for sensitive skin. You also get 10 double sided strips and 4 Perfect Finish Wipes together with the same instruction leaflet. The wax is a yellowish colour and doesn't have any smell.

I find these strips are really effective even when hairs are short and just one strip can a long way... often stretching to 10 applications in one session, equalling removal of hair from the bottom half of my legs!

What I don't like from both packs are the Perfect Finish Wipes. They are really greasy and they do not always remove all the wax residues so for that I stick to some post-depilation cream which also minimizes hair growth.

Both products claim to have a 'New! Improved Formula' (though I never saw the need for this, but it's good to know companies review their products from time to time) and both are certified by the British Skin Foundation.

You can have a look at the whole range of Veet products here.

Have you ever used these ladies? What are your opinions on at-home waxing?

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4 comments on "Review: Veet Cold Wax Strips"
  1. hey! i've used the facial ones for my upper lip, but i think i might be a bit mean to my skin, as i always end up with some skin coming off and horrible blotches :( maybe i should try cutting them up too! thanks for the tip! xxx

  2. Hi Rose thank you for your comment! I really enjoy reading your blog and watching your youtube vids :) what I suggest is see if there is an alternative for sensitive skin in their facial range. If not, wax after a warm bath/shower so that your pores are dilated and the hairs come off easily. Afterwards, soothe your skin with some post-hair removal cream or baby oil :) hope this helps xxx

  3. I have the facial ones and the green box one with aloe vera I think. I love the facial ones. And I used to have to old ones that come in a yellow box and I actually believe they are improved now, plus they smell yummy [the facial one] and I adore them. I don't like the other one as much to be honest. I hate waxing lol.

  4. I know what you're referring and I totally agree with you on the improvement thing. I can relate on the waxing hate as I hate it too, but the results are well worth it!