Summer 2010 Favourite Products

Sadly, today is the last day of Summer *sob sob* and to cheer up, I decided to go through my make up collection and see which products I have used most during this summer. I will divide the products in categories such as face, body, etc... and here they are!


This summer, I had a very nasty eczema attack all over my body and so I had to drink loads more water and I was using Glysolid, Dermofardi and Lavender Essential oil to bathe with followed by Sudocrem and Vaseline to keep my skin from getting dry and itchy. Thankfully, my skin is a lot better now and I hope it fully recovers soon!

On to some more interesting stuff... As a body scrub, I was using one I got from Corfu last year. I really love this scrub and I am a bit sad I used it all up. You can read a full review about it here. As for a body lotion, I was using this cheapy one which I really love the scent of... Vanilla Yoghurt! I'm such a sucker for everything vanilla! It feels silky smooth, smells good enough to eat, and leaves my skin feeling soft and supple (even with the bad eczema rash I had!). I switched this body lotion for my Hawaiian Tropic after sun each time I returned home from a day at the beach.

I have been really good to my footsies this summer by treating them to a mini pedi daily with some School Footcare products: Rough Skin Remover, Callus & Hard Skin Reducing Cream and also a Cracked Heel Repair Cream . As for depilation, I used Veet cold wax strips for legs which leave me hair-free for 4 whole weeks!

To keep my perspiration in check, I use Nivea Double Effect deodorant and during summer, I like to use different perfumes. My favourites for this summer were Christina Aguilera, Hugo Boss Orange, Guerlain Insolence and Kate Moss Velvet Hour.


Summer + hair is not a really good equation especially here in Malta where we have a very humid climate. I do not blow dry my hair during summer but I tend to use more styling products than usual to keep fly aways and frizz at bay. I use Angel treatment to restore moisture as well as a heat protector and UV protector together with some gel and a good highly moisturizing pair of shampoo and conditioner.

*Make-up Time :D*


In summer, I tend not to wear any foundation to let my sun tan show and also let my skin breathe. I use a very rich moisturizer like Nivea Visage Stay Matte or Oil of Olay Beauty Fluid. I also treat my face to a weekly face mask by Montagne Jeunesse to deep clean and restore moisture levels. Should I have any minor break-outs, I treat them with Effaclar A.I. by La Roche Posay.

I still use my Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer in 103 Soft Honey and set it with my elf Studio Complexion Perfection. I then apply a rosy blusher (my choice is Rimmel Powder Blush in 004 Pink Rose) and contour/highlight with some elf Studio Warm Bronzer. I keep my face looking matte all day by blotting any oil with elf Professional Shine Erasers.


Summer calls for a good primer to prevent the eyeshadow from fading or creasing, so I bought my first ever Eyelid Primer from elf cosmetics and which I am very fond of (well actually, I am fond of all my elf possessions!) My favourite eye shadows for summer were the bright ones in the Deborah stories palette and my Cover Girl trio Cafe au lait for everyday natural looks. To really elevate my eyes to a whole new level, I use black waterproof mascara from elf (Earth & Water) or Rimmel 100% Waterproof (which I ran out of). A flick of Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black by elf cosmetisc seals the deal and their Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear mascara makes my brows look polished and pulled together.


Lips don't have sweat glands so I keep mine moisturized with The Body Shop Born Lippy passion Berry lipbalm. When heading out during the day, I like to use elf's Super Glossy Lip Shines with SPF15 for a just-seen sheen and protection against the sun's rays. I like neutral colours on my lips and my favourite lipsticks are Maybelline Water Shine in 02 Cocoa Shake and Deborah Rosetto 24 Ore in 13 Creamy. I like to layer some L'Oreal Glam Shine Crystals lipgloss in 301 Coral Strass over my Maybelline lipstick. I am actually on the look out for a due of the Maybelline lipstick as I think they have renamed the shade or maybe they don't do it anymore (if so it is such a pity!). Another favourite lipgloss is my Napoleon Perdis Protege Lipgloss. I love its coral colour and minty taste!


In summer, I like to wear bright colours on my both my toe-nails and finger-nails. Here's my choice of colours:

Shocker, Pompous and Silver Bullet by Rimmel 60 Seconds
Into the Sunset by Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds

To prevent my nails from becoming stained with polish, I always use a clear base coat (elf clear nail polish), then I finish with some Elegant Touch glossy top coat and nourish my nails with some Revlon Cuticle Moisture Oil.

To instantly upgrade my polish with some nail art, I use Nailene's Bedazzle Earth Angel or Superstar nail stickers... great for when I don't have time to do a free-hand design.

To file my nails, I use these fierce-looking nail files from Peacocks. They are not fierce at all on my nails as they have a very gentle grit.
So, these were all my Summer 2010 Favourite Products! I hope you enjoyed this post and I look forward to seeing yours! Should you want me to review any of the items, don't hesitate to let me know! I linked the reviews of products which I have already reviewed. So, there's nothing left for me to say, except bye bye Summer, hello Autumn and we'll wait and see which new trends the new season will bring with it!

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2 comments on "Summer 2010 Favourite Products"
  1. Oh I'm so sorry about the eczema, I had terrible skin issues too during this summer, so I can totally relate! I'm glad you're better! :)

    Nice picks!! ;) I think I have that Rimmel blush, very pretty! :)

  2. Thank you dear :) I really dunno what happened this summer..maybe it was the humidity :/

    yeah I'm really fond of that blush it's my fave ever!