Top-Ten Tuesdays ~ The Body Shop

Another Tuesday... another Top-Ten post! This time, I will share my favourites from The Body Shop. All the images are taken from the Body Shop website except for the bath lilies and lip stuff. *WARNING* Coconut Products overload ahead!

10. Hi-Shine Lip Treatment ~ I like the shimmery effect this lipgloss gives to the lips and apart from wearing it alone, I like layering it on lipstick as well. However, when worn alone I really appreciate the moisturizing effect, not so much the stickiness though, so I apply some clear lip balm underneath and the problem is sorted!

9. Born Lippy Lip Balms ~ Another favourite lip product are these lip balms. Currently, I have the Passionberry one and I love the smell (and taste) as well as the just seen sheen this gives to my lips. What I don't like about this is the fact that you have to scoop out the product with a lip brush so it's not really practical to carry around.

8. Bath Lilies ~ The reason I love bath lilies so much is because I like my shower gels to lather heavily lol and the ones from the Body Shop not only smell nice, they are also nicely sized and coloured for that matter! Check out the swirly one... it came with a Coconut gift set and smelt of coconut as well before I started using it.

7. Guarana Berry Volumising Shampoo ~ I like how this shampoo volumised my hair and left it smelling gorgeous for a long time. I did not like the conditioner though as it seemed to weigh my hair down :S

6. Peppermint Foot Scrub ~ This is my favourite foot scrub of all time. It awakens my tired feet and leaves a fresh, peppermint scent behind which in my opinion is really invigorating.

5. Divide and Multiply Mascara ~ I am a big fan of vintage pin-up looks and this mascara is perfect to achieve that separated lash effect.

4. Shea and Coconut Body Scrubs ~ OK, so I am cheating a bit here :P but since these two babies belong to the same category, I decided to count them as one :P. I love both of these body scrubs as they leave my skin really smooth for a long time not to mention scrumptiously smelling!

3. Coconut Body Butter ~ The perfect pick-me-up after a dull day for truly smooth and summery smelling skin! I like the thick texture which is absorbed really fast by the skin. Definitely a re-buy!

2. Coconut Shower Cream ~ The reason I like coconut products so much is not only because of their smell, but also because of their highly moisturizing and caring properties for the skin and hair. My shower gel is no exception!

1. Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream ~ The name says it all! This is my favourite moisturizer come rain or shine because it never makes my skin greasy and smells lovely.

Finally, here's how I use the fancy packaging that I get with gift sets from The Body Shop...

That's right, I store some of my make-up and jewellery in them! P.S. I got my brother to spray paint the silver and black ones.

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2 comments on "Top-Ten Tuesdays ~ The Body Shop"
  1. I love these posts! :) I recently got the Coconut Body Butter for free with a magazine! ;)

  2. it's simply amazing!! make the most of it!