Top-Ten Tuesdays ~ Nivea

Time for another Top-Ten Tuesday! This time, I will list my top 10 products from Nivea From my previous posts, you might have noticed how much I love Nivea products especially for my facial care, so most of the products in this post will in fact be facial care products.

10. Nose-pore strips ~ I bought these after seeing an advert on tv and wanted to give them a go. They are supposed to literally take out any nasty black heads from the nose, chin and forehead. I mainly use them on my nose. I would say these are OK; not great, just OK. They do remove black heads... not as much as I want them to though.

9. Hand Cream ~ this cream has been around for such a long time! I even remember it with the plain, blue tins when I was younger! I like the rich and highly moisturizing formula so much, I always carry my small tin with me in my bag wherever I go!

8. Toner ~ this is the best toner I have ever tried! it doesn't leave my skin taut, is rapidly absorbed and it's very refreshing!

7. Cleanser ~ again, one of the best products in the range. read a full review by clicking on the name :)

6. Moisturizer ~ a mattifying moisturizer, to me is like a HG of skin care. I have oily t-zone skin and chin and this moisturizer really prevents me from shining in the wrong way all throughout the day!

5. Scrub ~ not harsh at all on my facial skin but does it's job really well to reveal cleaner and pure-looking skin in minutes!

4. Double Effect Deodorant ~ I swear by this! It doesn't sting after shaving, provides 24 hour protection and doesn't stain clothes... anything else required from a deodorant? ah yes! a lovely smell! surely this has it!

3. Extra Gentle Eye Make-up Remover ~ the name says it all! read a full review by clicking on the product's name.

2. Cashmere Moments ~ one of my favourite shower gels. Apart from a fresh, flowery scent that lingers for quite a long time, this leaves my skin really moisturized and lathers up a lot so a little goes a long way. Happy Times (one in the pic) is also one of my faves with a zingy, creamy citrus smell that lingers on my skin.

1. Care Gloss & Shine in Neutral ~ I wear this all the time, especially during the day! I bought this in Neutral so it complements every look and it is perfect for daily use. I had this for like a year now and I still have a good amount left!

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