Top-Ten Tuesdays ~ Rimmel London

Here's my first Top-Ten Tuesdays post :D The brand I chose for this week is Rimmel London as I am a huge fan of theirs. So let's get started!

10. Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in 021 Denim Blue
I bought this pencil a while ago as I wanted something different than my usual black eye pencil. I like the softness of this pencil as well as the very good pigmentation.

9. Special Eyes Eye Liner Pencil in 131 Forest Green
I got this pencil with the Denim Blue one for the same reason and also because I like the way a green pencil makes my eyes stand out more. Unfortunately, this shade is no longer available.

8. 60 Seconds Nail Polishes

I adore Rimmel Nail Polishes especially the 60 Seconds range; in fact I chose 3 colours not 1 for this post but I grouped them in 1 category so as not to affect the number (cheeky :P). So, my faves have to be 270 Shocker - a bright shocking pink with a metallic finish; 610 Pompous - a rich, velvety royal purple with silvery shimmers; 730 Silver Bullet - to my eyes, this is more of a pearly white colour rather than silver and I really like to use it as an alternative to the creamy white for a french mani.

7. Shock Gloss 3D Magnifying Lipgloss in 200 Clearly Clear
This is my go-to lipgloss! I believe every girl should have a tube of clear lipgloss in her make up bag and in my opinion this is the one to have, the HG of lipglosses! It gives my lips a plumped effect and I like the spatula applicator as I get to control the amount of gloss I use.

6. SpecialEyes Mono Eye Shadow in 030 Smokey Quartz

I like to use this eyeshadow for day looks because of its neutral non-shimmery colour and for night because it is so pigmented I can easily add drama to my eyes! This range of eyeshadows is now called Colour Rush Mono Eyeshadows.

5. Sexy Curves Mascara in 002 Brown Black
I fell for this mascara after seeing an advert and I really loved the brush and the purple colour of the tube. I am really happy with the results this mascara gave me and in fact I have to buy another one soon!

4. 100% Waterproof Mascara in 001 Black Black
I have yet to meet another mascara which rivals the waterproof formulation of this one... and to be honest, I think I never will! This is the best waterproof mascara you can ever buy... it doesn't smudge, it doesn't budge and it lasts all day! What's not to love?

I compared this concealer to another one and I found this is actually better (click on the name for the review). For me it does a very good job and when blended, it is a perfect match for my skin.

I am absolutely head over heels on this blusher! It gives my face a healthy, true-to-nature glow without being too obvious.

I am a big fan of natural make up and thus, this is my choice of foundation! It is finely milled and gives me just the right amount of coverage without looking cakey!

6 comments on "Top-Ten Tuesdays ~ Rimmel London"
  1. Sexy Curves Mascara and Powder Blushes are really nice! :) Have you tried their Vinyl Lip lipglosses? they're awesome! :)

  2. Not yet Stavroula but I have to go buy some new mascaras as I am running out of them and probably I'll get a lipgloss or two as well :P

  3. I love the color Snog, I hope they still make it! :)

    Btw I'm shocked that Rimmel is available in Malta and not in Greece! :O

  4. seriously?? that's strange! normally we are the last country to get new products etc!

  5. Yep :/ We have NO Rimmel at all :( So I have to check and bye everything online!

  6. I totally understand. sometimes I do that as well with other brands :(