Yet another elf haul :D :D :D

A few minutes ago I just got my little brown box of treasures from elf cosmetics. I am so happy I look like a little kid on Christmas morning hehe! Every single item arrived safe and sound and I am happy will all of them! Here are some pics:

My brown box of treasures :D

The Brush Shampoo... I'm a bit disappointed with the size of this, so I'll judge if I buy it again on it's performance ;P I think this will be the first product to review as I have kept my brushes dirty until it arrived so that I could try it immediately, so stay tuned for that :)

Shimmer eyeliner pencils in Boldly Bronzed (top) and Iconic Ivory (bottom). These two will not stay alone for long as I am planning to get their brothers and sisters as soon as they are back in stock :P

My first products from the Mineral range... I am really looking forward to try these out as I heard very good reviews about them. I will definitely purchase more colours! Here are Ripe Rose (left) and Natural Nymph (right).

And finally, my beloved nail polishes which I have waited for so long :D From left to right: Red Velvet, Cranberry, Purple Pleaser, Rosy Raisin and the Matte Finisher Top-Coat. I'm soooo looking forward to try these out ^.^

I'm off to play now lovelies! Until my next post,

Stay Beautiful ;)

4 comments on "Yet another elf haul :D :D :D"
  1. Thank you Jelena :) I will be posting reviews soon :) xx

  2. Nice haul !! I can't wait to see swatches of everything!! :)

  3. I will do them soon Stav :) i havent swatched the polishes as I just did my nails on Thursday and they came out so cute I didn't want to remove them just yet!

    P.S. Check them out tomorrow in my NOTW :)