Free Dior Make-Over!!

Yes, you read right!! I got a Free Dior Make-Over!

This happened yesterday at a particular shopping mall here in Malta. They are having free make-over Thursdays and this was the first in a series of 3 (there's a Guerlain one next week and another the week after) courtesy of a famous (expensive) perfume shop over here.

My bf accompanied me and waited with me for like 2 hours (make-over time included), but the wait was worth it! The (male) make up artist, was very talented and gentle in applying make up. What struck me most is that he started with my eye make up first and then went on to do concealing and foundation and finally added some lipgloss. I never thought of leaving the foundation for last, but I think I will give it a try sometime and see if I get the same results! I was really impressed with the overall look, take a sneak peak yourselves and share your opinions in the comments box!

Left: The look on Monica Bellucci he wanted to re-create
Right: The final result!

Close-up shots of the eye make up

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