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Last week, the lovely Stavroula asked me to do a post in which I feature the beauty books I own in response to my post on the latest make-up book I bought.

I don't own a lot, in fact only three, two of which are nail-related! However, I do have a collection of cuttings from newspapers and magazines that I keep in display books or bind them. Enough rambling and on to some pictures...

The books along with some products to make the display interesting...
The first nail book and the make-up book were bought from the Logos-Hope ship (for more info click here)
I bought the one in the middle off ebay UK.

Instant Nailcare by Sally Norton ~ like I said, I bought this from a library ship and it cost around €5 if I remember correctly. It is a thin book but it is packed with full colour photographs and various tips on how to achieve different looks and take the best possibly care for both your hands and feet. It also contains a section on nutrition and how it affects nails and some tips for taking care of hands in summer and winter. Here's a sneak-peak for you dolls:

The Complete Guide to Manicure and Pedicure by Leigh Toselli ~ This is a wonderful book I bought from ebay UK a while back for what I think were €7 or a little more. It has a more in-depth look on hand and foot care than the one I mentioned before, with several pages of nail and skin disorders and anatomy as well as looks and different manicure and pedicure techniques. This book also gives a thorough insight to spa treatments and the world of artificial nails, such as gels, acrylics and also those pre-designed nails you can buy from a chemist.  It also describes how henna is applied to the hands as a means of enhancing them. Again, it is packed with full colour photographs:

Classic Make-Up & Beauty by Mary Quant ~ I bought this from the same library ship that I bought the first book for another €5. I know it was published in 1998 but hey, it is written by an icon so I couldn't leave it there on the shelves could I? I really like this book because apart from make-up lessons, it also gives an insight on body care and how to choose the perfect colour combinations for your skin, corrective make-up, etc...

That's it with regards my beauty books, I hope you enjoyed this post and please don't hesitate to let me know of any requests/products/jewellery you might want me to review etc :)

Till next time, stay beautiful :)

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