Review: Deborah Rossetto 24 Ore in 13 Creamy

For today, here's another lipstick review, Deborah Rossetto 24 Ore in 13 Creamy.

As usual, here are some pictures to show you what it looks like:

The lipstick tube actually looks professional with its satiny silver finish and the Deborah logo in red all around the bottom part of the cap (I think the logo is actually cute with all those tiny flowers). The shade number and name can be found both on the cap (see above pics in the centre and on the right) and on the bottom. Other than that, it is just what you would expect a lipstick to look like!

As most of you know, I cannot call myself a lipstick person at all because I prefer a neutral sheen that doesn't look too obvious on my lips. However, this lipstick is just a shade darker than the actual colour of my lips so I wear it a lot (you can tell from the size of the bullet ;P) both when I do dramatic eye make-up and also when sporting a more natural, pared-down look. I find it pulls the look together without looking really obvious.

Although it looks natural, you can see it is a very pigmented lipstick. However, touch-ups are still needed during the day (even if it says it lasts for 24 hours, I have yet to find a lip product that actually does last that long!). This lipstick has a particularly faint cosmetic smell that is actually pleasant. It doesn't taste bad at all and feels really moisturizing on the lips.

Like I said, I find this lipstick really easy to wear and will suit most skin tones, so I definitely recommend it to anyone that wants a natural lipstick yet looks rather unconventional. 

Have you ever tried any Deborah lipsticks? What are your opinions about them?

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2 comments on "Review: Deborah Rossetto 24 Ore in 13 Creamy"
  1. I have used Deborah lipsticks - 7 pearly is my favourite colour. Run out! cant find any more... if anyone knows where I can buy this shade from please advise Lata on or telephone 07751 771630. Many thanks

  2. Hey Lata, I had the same problem with a Maybelline lipstick and thought they had discontinued the shade I wanted when in fact they had only changed the name!