Review: Florelle Nail Polishes

Today I have another nail polish review for you ladies! This time, from Italian brand florelle. I also have a strengthener and a top coat from this brand, but I will review those in separate posts later on.  Here are the four nail polishes I will be reviewing today:

From left to right: Black, Sparkly Silver, White, Matte Red

These nail polishes do not have names, just numbers, but I used these generic names for referral purposes. The black, silver and red belong to the Laque Plus range and their numbers are 36, 51 & 87 respectively. They come in round shaped bottles with a mirror cap and contain 15ml of varnish. The white one, belongs to the Nail Polish range (:S) and its number is 145. Although the bottle is differently shaped and seems a bit taller than the others, it still contains 15ml of polish as well.

Application of these polishes is smooth and they have a fairly liquid consistency but still have a quick drying time. The brush is also easy to work with as it is not too wide and not too thin. The black and the white ones have a creme finish.  The red one has a matte finish and the silver one contains evident flecks of silver glitter, whilst being itself a pearly polish. I think the latter is my favourite one out of these.

Two coats are enough for each of these polishes to achieve a good opaque and even finish. The silver one is versatile enough to be layered on other colours or be worn on its own, enabling gradual building of intensity.

These polishes usually last on my nails for a week with a top coat on. They retail for around €3 each and can be bought from drugstores or beauty shops.

Have you ever tried any nail polishes from florelle? Which are your favourites? 

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