Review: Max Factor Kohl Eyeliner in 020 Black

Recently, this eyeliner was featured in another review for comparative purposes. Today, I will give a thorough review about it. If you read my post about the Max Factor lipstick, you will know that this eyeliner came with it as part of a promotional gift-set. 

It is your basic black eyeliner... transparent cap, name of brand and shade on the pencil.  You can see it is very small, therefore very handy to carry around for touch ups (not that you will need to).

It is very pigmented and gives a strong sharp line each time. It stays put forever and doesn't smudge, even without a primer! Here's a swatch to illustrate the intensity of the black:

I just love this pencil and can never raise enough praise for it! It doesn't smell or irritate my eyes either. However, being so dramatic a black, I like to wear it for nights out rather than during the day. I do make exceptions when I want to make a statement with my eyes during some day-time activity.

Have you ever tried any Max Factor eyeliners? How do you feel about them?

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2 comments on "Review: Max Factor Kohl Eyeliner in 020 Black"
  1. I have this one too and i loooooove it, the best eye liner pencil i've tried so far.:-)

  2. It really is Jelena! I reach for it the most