Review: Max Factor Lipstick in 804 Hint of Red

I got this lipstick as part of a gift-set that was being offered by a local perfumery on purchasing €25 worth of Max Factor cosmetics (you can check out all of what I got here).

Let's see what it looks like:

It's your basic black lipstick tube with the Max Factor logo in silver on the bottom part and the shade name, number and colour at the base. I like the size of it though, it looks so cute and fits even my smallest clutch bag!

The bullet, however is somewhat different. It is not the usual slanting tip that lipsticks have, but instead it is rounded. I guess that's because it is a sample size because the full sized version has the usual slanting shape. Even the packaging is differently shaped... the sample sized version is round whilst the full size version is squarish. I don't really understand the point of it all though but I don't mind it as long as the lipstick still works well.   

Sample-size version on the left & full-size version on the right

The lipstick is taste-less and has a faint not-so-good-but-no-bad-either smell that you only notice if you take a sniff of it so it is not something you can't live with. 

I have to say the name of the shade (HINT of Red) really suits this lipstick well. It is my favourite red lipstick because it gives, well just a hint of red and it is therefore suitable to wear even with the most dramatic smokey eye. The red in it is on the pinkish side and it has just a subtle silvery shimmer to it (visible on application but not it the actual lipstick bullet!)

So, in terms of pigmentation, I can't say it is very pigmented in the sense that it is not a deep red; but it is fairly pigmented to give a subtle hint of red colouration to the lips. I would say it lasts well for an hour or so at most so I recommend to pop it in your purse for touch ups.

Overall, I like this lipstick and I think it is more wearable than a pillar-box red if like me you don't like much colour on your lips. I just wish it lasts longer on my lips!

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