Something different from the elves!

Hello there my lovelies! I just returned home from Uni to a brown box from e.l.f. cosmetics, but this time it wasn't cosmetics that were inside! It was the dress I won about a week ago from a giveaway they had in collaboration with clothing brand Little Mistress on their blog . All entrants were asked to submit their favourite on-trend outfit combination and the trendiest post would win either a black blouse or a dress. I chose the dress! Check out the blog post I am talking about here and this my winning post:

'Currently I really am loving the girly-military trend. i think I would go for a frilly nude-coloured blouse and a pair of skinny army green trousers. To really put the outfit together, I would add a pair of heeled military boots, a satchel and some bangles. With regards make up, i think I would go for neutral eye make up with a flick of eyeliner and a nice red lipstick'.

Time for the piccies!!

The elfie box!

The dress, how I wore it as soon as I got it out of the box and some detailing.
The first in-shot is the ruffle detailing on the neck and the second one shows the kitty and Polka dot pattern.

The price tag... with a cute butterfly (going to keep this and utilize it as a book mark!)

P.S. Today I learnt that I won an Ultra Glow Shimmer Pot from R8Beauty sweepstakes on their facebook page (check it out here and enter yourself for their current giveaways!) I will do a post and review as soon as I get the prize ;)

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4 comments on "Something different from the elves!"
  1. Congratulations Lara, it is very beautiful dress! :-)

  2. Thank you so much Jelena :) it's really cute can't wait to wear it!!!

  3. Thank you Stavroula :) you can see how I actually wore it here: