Top-Ten Tuesdays ~ e.l.f. cosmetics

Time for another Top-Ten Tuesday! This time, it is one of my favourite make-up brands... e.l.f. cosmetics! It is a very tough choice so I think I will have to cheat a bit here hehe. I have so many products from elf that I love, I don't want to leave any out! Here's what I am going to do; I will put up my top ten first, then I will make a list of my other favourite products from the brand... that way, none get left out! For reviews and swatches of the products, please click the names; products without a link are not yet reviewed :) So, here goes:

10. Studio Daily Brush Cleaner
9. Nail Polish in Cranberry
8. Mineral Lipstick in Natural Nymph
7. Professional Blending Eye Brush
2. Studio Powder Brush
1. Studio Complexion Perfection

Cranberry Nail Polish & Natural Nymph Mineral Lipstick

My other e.l.f. favourite products:

~ Studio Cream Eyeliner in Midnight
~ Liquid Eyeliner in Stardust
~ Mineral Lipsticks in Rosy Tan and Ripe Rose
~ Nail Polishes in Smoky Brown, Desert Haze, Purple Pleaser, Lilac, Rosy Raisin and Blush

Studio Cream Eyeliner in Midnight & Liquid Eyeliner in Stardust

Mineral Lipsticks in Ripe Rose (left) & Rosy Tan (right)
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7 comments on "Top-Ten Tuesdays ~ e.l.f. cosmetics"
  1. I think I'm gonna steal your idea with these top 10!! ;) Ohhh Cranberry nail polish looks amazing!! How do you wear the Natural Nymph? Doesn't it make you look dead?

  2. Do as you please hun ;)

    I find natural nymph blends really well with my my skin tone and so as not to look dead, i usually wear it with a dramatic eye look... like the ones you see in make up ads and so on. I also pop on a light slick of clear gloss or Goddess from their super glossy lip shines range :) xx

  3. Hmmm I might try it then! I got Nicely Nude and it's like barbie pink on me on its own! :/

  4. lol I honestly don't like bright barbie pink lipsticks... I prefer the more subtle brownish pinks that resemble natural lip pigmentation. currently i'm on a look out for a dupe of Maybelline Watershine in 02 Cocoa Shake... I think Maybelline have discontinued it :(

  5. I'm like that as well !! :) You should try NYX Thalia, is'a a natural pinkish lipstick with mauvey undertones!! ;) It's one of my favorite lipsticks!

    I HATE IT when companies discontinue nice products!!

  6. Thanks for all ur lovely reviews Lara! Where do u keep all ur makeup?? I'm running out of space and need some ideas of where to store all my cosmetics!

  7. Hehe actually I have the same problem Charlene! I am planning to do a video on this blog with my make-up collection and some tips and tricks on storing it so watch out for that :)

    I'm glad you like my reviews :) If there's a particular product you would like me to review, please let me know and I will do my best :) xx