How to deal with puffy eyes...

... last night and this morning I was lucky enough to have a bad hay fever attack. Result! Puffy eyes the size of tennis balls! I'm sure most of you have suffered from puffy eyes whether from tiredness, lack of sleep or like me hay fever, so here I will tell you how I deal with the situation.

Camomile Infusion!

That's right! Camomile infusion does it for me. What I do is I prepare a camomile infusion simply by heating (not boiling) some water and leave a camomile bag in it. When the water turns to a yellowish colour, I remove the bag and dip two cotton discs in the solution, squeeze out excess infusion and pop over my eyes for at least 10 minutes. The puffiness is instantly reduced and I can face the day!

Keep it cold!

Another trick is to store your eye gel/cream in the fridge to provide your eyes with a chilly treat. The chill will de-puff your peepers in no time. Remember to use gentle circular motions with your ring finger to apply the product.

Passing a table spoon under a stream of cold water then gently pressing the convex part on your eyes will help as well.

Soak two cotton pads in cold milk and place over your eyes for 10 minutes to soothe tired eyes.

Use your fingers... and hands!

If you experience puffy eyes from lack of sleep, here are another two ways to deal with them!
1. Gently press your middle finger along the eyebrows, lids and beneath your eyes to reduce the puffiness and improve blood flow.

2. Alternatively, cup your hands on your eyes and gently press the bottom part of your hands over the puffy areas to feel the heat they generate for at least one minute.

Forget Cucumber!

Yes, you read right! Instead of cucumber, place a potato slice on each eye and relax for 10 minutes. The starch in the potatoes will firm the skin and banish puffiness!

Have you heard of these remedies before ladies? I hope you found this post useful and feel free to post what works for you in the comments box!

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4 comments on "How to deal with puffy eyes..."
  1. Brilliant post...i have puffy eyes sometimes..arrggghhh dont you just hate it!!! xxx

  2. Thank you very much Martine! now you can try to resolve the problem! I despise it!!! sometimes its so bad I can barely open them!! it's awful but now I'm better thank God! xxx

  3. Awesome post! thankfully I dont suffer from hayfever (but my kid sister does and it looks AWFUL when she has a proper "attack") but if I dont get enough sleep I suffer from serious puffiness and the usual tips just involve cucumber or good concealers so I love these tips :)

  4. Glad you liked this post! Go on and try some of these and let me know if they work or not :)