A little bit of everything...

Here are some things I've been up to this week!

First up, a girls' favourite hobby... Shopping! Again!

I got the clothes from Terranova.  The purple jumper and knitted waistcoat were €12.99 each and the teal t-shirt was on sale for €5.99 (was €9.99).
The earrings are from Tenda and I got them for €3 because the owner of the shop knows my bf :) Originally, they were priced €4.95.

I bought a stainless steel cuticle pusher off ebay for €1 or so.  I think stainless steel cuticle pushers are more hygienic as I can sanitize them from client to client whilst the wooden ones tend to absorb the sanitizer and consequently wear away quickly.

Next is the nail art I did for my friend yesterday.  She chose a gold-themed plain design this time and like she said, it drove her more into the festive spirit.  Here's the end result:

Finally, more room decorations, thanks to Mum:

She picked up this sparkly cushion to put on my bed. I love it!!!

 What have you been up to lately?

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3 comments on "A little bit of everything..."
  1. I also like the earrings and the nailart :)

  2. Thank you ladies!

    The earrings really are my fave piece!