More Make-up Shopping....

So, last weekend, Mum went shopping with Dad and she called me to say that they had some new make up in from this brand called BYS. I have never heard of this brand so I looked it up on the internet and found out it is an Australian drugstore brand and they sell all kinds of cosmetics and they seemed of decent quality.  Yesterday, I went with the bf to check the stuff out. To my dismay, there was only a small stand with very basic cosmetics on sale. I really wanted to get some of their eyeshadows and cracked effect nail polish. In the end I picked up two items which cost €2 each! Here they are:

Black Waterproof Mascara & Passion Pink Nail Enamel

I really love the colour of this varnish. It is like a pearly pink with iridescent lilac and blue particles. When swatching, I found the formula easy to work with and dries quickly. Will do a review when I have tried this on my own nails!

Close up of Nail Enamel and a Swatch (2 coats)

The mascara... you get 7ml of mascara which is a good amount since you have to change mascara frequently. It is a waterproof mascara and I got mine in Black. To be honest, I didn't expect much from a €2 mascara but I was genuinely surprised. I wouldn't say it give the lashes a dramatic look or anything, but it is a good day masacara. I like the fact that you have a long handle as I find it allows more control. Here are some pictures:

The handle and brush

Mascara applied on my top lashes

The shopping doesn't stop there... this morning I went to the weekly market with my Mum and she bought me another nail polish :D and a pair of hair clips as well as since I am growing my hair, I need them. I also picked up a pair of cute undies but there are no pictures of it as I think it's a bit too much to flash my undies here hehe  :)

The nail polish seems to offer an even application from the first coat despite it is a glittery one and doesn't take that long to dry either. It cost €1.75, the clips were a €1 for a pair and the undies were €2.50.

The nail polish and the cute abstract design on its cap

Swatch of the nail polish (2 coats) and the hair clips

Have you bought anything lately cupcakes?

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2 comments on "More Make-up Shopping...."
  1. I had that mascara, I think 3 years ago or so, when I had no idea what make up was, I think I used it twice and it dried up and was convinced that no mascara could do wonders for my lashes. But I met some pretty nice mascaras since then. And me and my lashes lived happily ever after :P

    I love the colour of the nail polish, though.

    If you're growing your hair, I made a post once upon a time on how to keep your hair healthy when long. Maybe you'll find that helpful :)

  2. Since it's a new brand for me I decided to try it out... we'll see how it turns out!

    Thank you for providing me with the useful post Dyna :) xx