My everyday make-up look...

You'd probably think that I apply a full face of make-up everyday and each time I go out... WRONG! I usually go for a very simple look with the least products possible during the day like when I am going to University just to let my skin breathe.

When I do feel I need a bit of coverage, I opt for my Rimmel Lasting Finish Minerals Loose Powder Foundation, but otherwise I skip it altogether. To add a bit more sophistication, say for a day out shopping, I would add some neutral eyeshadows to create a subtle smokey eye. Here's the look I had on today for some errands with Mum:

I used:

Lip Balm

So as not to sport the same look everyday, I change the eye pencil colour according to what I am wearing. My favourites are Estee Lauder Eye Defining Pencil in Deep Brown, Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in 021 Denim Blue and Rimmel SpecialEyes Eye Liner Pencil in 131 Forest Green.

What is your everyday look? Do you wear a lot of make-up, go out without any on...?

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4 comments on "My everyday make-up look..."
  1. Very nice natural look! :-) I usually don't go outside without any makeup, i use at least foundation, blusher, mascara and lip gloss.

  2. Thank you Jelena :) You still don't use much products :) I think giving your skin a break every once in a while really helps it! xxx

  3. Simple look but still nice :) When I've got time to put some makeup on I usually apply a light cover of mineral foundation, blush and eye pencil :)

  4. Thank you Gertrude :) I love to see different ppl's interpretations of everyday make up looks! I'm sure you always look flawless :)