NOTW: All that glitters...

... is not necessarily gold! But in this case it is! For this week, I created an Autumn-inspired manicure with of course Autumn colours, and let's face it... who doesn't have gold come to mind when someone says Autumn? Leaves are also something we seem to connect to Autumn automatically as it is during this time that they change to beautiful golden brown shades and shed from the trees. I incorporated these two elements in this manicure which may be a bit time consuming, but in my opinion is really worth trying.

Here are the step by step instructions how you can do it yourself!

1. Start off with a clear base coat (Florelle Nail Strengthener)

2. Apply two coats of a gold nail polish of your choice. I particularly like a coppery gold, so I opted for elf Cosmetics Nail Polish in Blush. It is better to apply two thin coats rather a thick one for a smoother finish. Remember to let coats dry thoroughly in between applications.

3. Apply one or two coats of a sparkly gold glitter polish depending on how much glitter you want.

4. Now, for the leaf design. I used elf Cosmetics Nail Polish in Chocolate to create the basic design starting by drawing the middle vein of the leaf all across the nail by means of a detailing nail art brush. I chose to draw mine diagonally to make it look more life-like. Then proceed to draw the leaf body and small veins on the inside. You can draw which ever kind of leaf you want, but since I am not a very good artist, I opted for a simple leaf on each of my ring fingers.

5. To add a bit of playfulness to the design, draw tiny swirls with the same brown polish or a bronze polish to suit your taste. I stuck with the same polish.

6. With and orange nail polish and a dotter, create dots on the rest of your nail wherever you want and also apply the orange nail polish on the inside of the leaf in between the small vein marks.

7. Seal in the design with a clear top coat (Florelle Glossy Top & UV Protection) and you're done!

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