NOTW: Festive Marbeling + Nail Update

Sunday is back here which means tomorrow a new week will start, but it also means, it is time for another NOTW post.  Let me start with the update first... I cut my nails short in an attempt to have them all the same length (too much filing damages nails, so it is best to cut them if you want them short).  I don't think the result is too bad though... see for yourselves:

Now that my nails are all the same length, I opted for a traditional french manicure for this week with marbeling on the ring fingers. Read on to learn how you can re-create the look yourselves!

1.  As usual start with a base coat, then apply one thin coat of a nude pink (L'Oreal Resist & Shine Titanium in 100) over each nail. Make sure the application is streak free.

2. Use a white nail polish to create a French tip on each nail other than the ring fingers.  Leave to dry and apply a clear top coat.

3. Now, it's time to do the marbeling part.  Pick two colours of your choice (I wanted the look to be somewhat festive so I chose elf Cranberry and elf Blush).  Apply another coat of the nude pink on one of the ring fingers and while it is still wet, put random dots of both polishes over the nail.  Take a dotting tool/detailing nail art brush and swirl the colours together in a random pattern to achieve the marbeled effect.  Repeat on the other ring finger and when dry seal with a top coat. That's it you're done!

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