Recent buys: Fashion, nail stuff, make-up... + some freebies

As promised, here's a post to show you some acquisitions I made in the past couple of weeks.

Fashion and Accessories

I had cleared up my wardrobe and draws from clothes I don't wear anymore and so I had to go shopping for more didn't I? Till now I only got this top, but I already have my eyes on some more so keep yours peeled for an all fashion post which will hit this blog soon!

Snowflake wool top, €15 from Jennyfer

My bf's aunt was kind enough to get me this super cute pair of earrings from her last holiday. They are Murano glass earrings of which I am very fond!

Nail Stuff

This week, there was a local beauty school who was having a sale on beauty products. I only picked up a few things I needed:

Pump dispenser bottle (€3.95 instead of €9.95), pink buffer (€1.95 instead of €4) & 6 pots of loose glitter (€5 instead of €9.95)

More beauty stuff

I also picked up a back-up for my Rimmel mineral foundation (€8) and a new Rimmel blusher (around €3) because I smashed the other one to pieces :( The funny thing about the new blusher is that it has the same name but it is slightly lighter! None the less, it still has a nice rosy colour and gives a nice glow to the cheeks.

My old and new blushers & swatches (new on the left and old on the right)

Same name... slightly different shade!

As Mum had her hair dyed recently, the hairdresser gave her a nail polish as a gift! I have a similar colour but it doesn't matter does it?? She also managed to score a couple of AeraTeint Pure Foundation samples from the Vichy counter at the drugstore.

All the make-up along with the freebies

New nail polish and the colourful packaging it came it
The new nail polish against my Rimmel 60 Seconds Funtime Fuchsia

Swatches of the nail polishes ~ Rimmel (left) seems a bit darker

and finally some cute ornaments for my room... Mum spotted these two cute little vases and picked them up for me for just a €1 each! They go perfectly well with my room and they have a modern-feel to them which I really like as I am quite fond of modern interiors:

My bf also picked up this cute little frosted glass lampshade for me which has a vanilla-scented candle inside the bottom part. It also has cute abstract motifs in lilac that complement my room:

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2 comments on "Recent buys: Fashion, nail stuff, make-up... + some freebies"
  1. Great buys! Love the lampshade ..really cute :)

  2. Thank you :) you should smell it... you'd say it's cuter then! xx