Review: The Body Shop Born Lippy Passionberry Lip Balm

After a short break from reviews, today I get back on track and review The Body Shop's Born Lippy Passionberry Lip Balm.

I'm sure most of you are familiar with these lip balms, but here are some pictures to show you how it looks (sorry the label is a bit torn):

The plastic pot contains 10ml of product which I think is a good amount as this lasts a very long time (I've had mine for around 3 years I think and I use it on a daily basis). What I don't like about the packaging is that it isn't that sanitary; in the sense that you have to use your finger to pick up the product, it ends up under your nails etc. Due to this, I don't carry mine with me, but leave it at home and apply it with a lip brush before I head out. I think a tube would be a better alternative.

The consistency is fairly thick, and a little goes a long way. It resembles a lip gloss in terms of application as it turns out glossy but it is not sticky and smells exactly like the fruit it is supposed to! The smell translates to an equally scrumptious taste ;). With regards longevity, it doesn't last long on my lips, but perhaps that's because I lick it all the time for it tastes so good (I don't want to think about how much of this product I have eaten!). It feels very very very moisturizing on the lips. In fact, I like to use it most when my lips feel chapped and dehydrated and after a few days, they are back to normal.

Would I buy this again? Definitely yes! In fact this is my second out of the range as I had a strawberry one before this.

Have you ever tried any of these lip balms ladies?
3 comments on "Review: The Body Shop Born Lippy Passionberry Lip Balm"
  1. I love the body shop lip balm! :-)) Didn't try this one though, so i know what i'll buy the next time. ;-)

  2. I love this! Smells so nice. I'm buying all of the colors soon, they're always in my pocket. x

  3. wow. this is one of my favourite lip balms. i literally just wrote a review of it on my blog.

    here's the link: