Review: BYS Nail Polish

As promised, here's the review on the BYS nail polish.  There was only a small selection, therefore a lot of shades out of the ones available were very similar to those in my collection and furthermore, since I'm still new to the brand, I picked up only one to see how it performs.  The shade I got is Pink Passion.

It is rather hard to describe it... it has a pearlescent effect with shimmery particles that change colour according to how they catch the light.  The swatch on the right consists of two coats of polish.

As you can see from the picture above, the bottle holds 14ml of product which is a good deal considering I got this polish for only €2.  The brush is very easy to work with and the formulation is a bit on the watery side, but not too watery that it takes forever to dry. On the contrary, it dries really quickly and lasts for days on end without chipping (with a top coat on).  In my case it lasted two weeks.  This is the mani I used it for: 

click here for the tutorial

Should I find more shades from this brand that I don't have dupes of, I will definitely buy them! Have you ever tried BYS Nail Polishes? or any of their products for that matter?

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