Review: e.l.f. Studio Powder Brush

OK, so I now there are loads. loads & yet again more loads of reviews out there about this brush be it blog posts or videos; that's why I got it in the first place, to see what all the hype/raving was about! Now that I have the brush and have been using it ever since, I totally understand the on-going recommendations!

First, let's see what the brush looks like:

It is a very dense flat-top brush and comes with its own brush guard and plastic pouch. The bristles are synthetic and are coated with anti-bacterial Taklon. Here are some pictures that compare this brush to my other powder brush from Fraulein 38:

You can easily see the difference in fluffiness and shape of the bushes... my Fraulein 38 one is more fluffy and dome-shaped than the elf one 

The elf one is slightly shorter... well it's an elf after all :P

Being so dense, this brush is great to use with both powder and liquid formulations, however I do not recommend you to use it with very pigmented blushers, bronzers, etc as it will give a blotchy effect. The best way to use it is by dipping it in the product, tapping the excess off and work your way inwards with buffing circular motions to ensure the best blending possible. 

Since it is flat-top, you can even use it to pick say bronzer or highlighter on one side of the brush only for contouring and precise application, and then use the same buffing movements to blend away. The ergonomic handle makes it very easy to control and achieve a flawless look.

I've had this brush for a bit more than a month now and during washing (and whilst in use for that matter), it has never, ever, ever shed a single hair!!! The only set-back for this brush is that being so dense, it takes ages to dry. I usually wash my brushes on Sunday morning, but by Monday morning, this would still be a bit wet. Apart from that though, I don't have any complaint what so ever about this brush. In fact, I can never raise enough praise for it!

I can't seem to stop reaching for this brush and I love it so much I'm going to get another one for sure! So I have to agree with all the other girls out there who raved on and on about this brush and suggest that if you don't own one yet, hurry and go get one from for a mere €4 for a brush that will last you probably a life-time! (just make sure you leave an extra one for me hehe).

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