Review: Nivea CareGloss & Shine in Natural

I have had this product for quite a long time and I can't believe I haven't done a review about it yet! I bought it because I wanted a gloss that also performed as a lip balm as this seemed to fit the bill!

Here's what it looks like:

The tube and the doe-foot applicator

When you buy it, it will be supplied in a blister pack and the tube holds 10ml of product which is great! I'm not sure about the actual retail price but I think it's around the €4 mark.

I chose this shade as I wanted an everyday shade that goes with everything (there are also a red, a pink, a pearly, and a Q10 anti-wrinkle version available).  Therefore, it is essentially clear but it has the slightest hint of a peach sheen with an inconspicuous peachy shimmer. 
I have been in love with this product from the very first use for a variety of reasons.
1. The ease of application: I really like it when glosses come in this format as it makes it easier to get the product right on your lips... where you want it to be.

2. The twist-off cap offers a hygienic alternative and promises that the gloss won't end up all smeared in your make-up bag.

3. The 'colour' of it as well as it's long-lastingness.

4. Nice smell and taste as well as being non-sticky.

5. Value for money... this is only my first tube and I have to buy another one soon because I am running low only now, after almost two years of using this.  Bear in mind that I carry this product with me wherever I go and use it everyday.  I like how it provides instant relief from dry, chapped lips + it makes them look more glamourous with a hint of gloss.

Would I repurchase this product? Definitely yes!! And maybe some of the other shades as well! Have you ever tried any of the CareGloss & Shine range sweeties?

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5 comments on "Review: Nivea CareGloss & Shine in Natural"
  1. Dont know why I never tried this product.. but when I'm looking for a nivea lip balm I always end up buying the standard blue one.


  2. You should definitely try this! I like the blue one as well but with this you get the best of two worlds! :) xx

  3. I've had this for a long time too and I love it. I also have the red one and it gives a lovely color to the lips, if you have the opportunity try that as well!


  4. Thank you for your suggestion Charlene :) xx

  5. i had this years ago and loved it!
    think i'm going to have to repurchase:)x