Review: Senscience Brilliant Defence

Here's a short hair-related product review for today! Senscience Brilliant Defence has been accompanying me from summer to summer and I use it even in winter. Basically, it is a UV hair protector spray that can be used both on wet and dry hair. I like to carry it in my beach bag to protect my hair while I'm at the beach mostly but I also use it to give my hair some shine when needed.

Basically, you get 200ml of product in a slightly curvy bottle (I guess it's to resemble the company logo) with a pump spray dispenser.

I think 200ml is a good volume because you only need a few sprays (otherwise the hair will turn greasy) and this product has a 30 month expiry period, therefore good value for money.

The product is transparent and has a nice smell, very similar to that of setting hair spray. I think it really does its job because apart from leaving my hair smelling nice all day, I never had dry hair in summer caused from exposure to the sun's UV rays.

Like I said, I also like to use this spray to give my hair some shine when it needs it. My hair is oily so I tend to wash it frequently. Despite giving it a treatment every once in a while, it may lack shine due to it becoming overly dry from washing. For me, this is the only product I need to revive it in no time!

Overall I really recommend this product especially for summer hair care if you want to prevent your locks from becoming burnt from the sun. Sescience is a salon-exclusive brand and is found in leading hair salons.
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2 comments on "Review: Senscience Brilliant Defence"
  1. Thanks for the review .. should buy one next summer cause never really bothered with UV rays (i know thats bad lol)

    x x

  2. Unfortunately we do tend to ignore our hair so yes do get one this coming summer it will work wonders! xx