Review: Viva La Nails Dazzlings

Last month I got myself a Sample Pack from VivaLaNails.  I only paid £2.95 shipping fees for £20 worth of products (the value of the sample pack is now £12, but shipping is the same).  You can have a look at what I received in the photo below. I learnt of this Sample Pack through reading Stavroula's blog and being a self-confessed nail addict I could not let this opportunity get away could I?

Sample Pack Contents

Anyways, I have only used the Hollow Hexagon Dazzlings just recently, and I am going to review them here.  The ones I got came in a small plastic pack like this (I transferred mine to the plastic pots shown in later pictures):

However, should you purchase them one by one, they are supposed to come in a pot.  The ones I got were pink, but there are 12 colours to choose from so you are bound to find something you like.  Apart from the hollow hexagons, the smaller cut-out hexagons are also included.  May I say as well that the amount you get in the Sample Pack is quite generous, so I was really impressed with that.

I used these dazzlings for a mani a fortnight ago (yes they lasted two whole weeks!!!) and was very very very pleased with their performance and durability on my natural nails with just one layer of top coat on to protect them.  I also like their dynamic lustre i.e. the way each individual dazzling changes colour according to the angle it catches the light.  The dazzlings are also very easy to handle (I use a rhinestone nipper to pick them and place them on my nails).

How I used these hexagons... click here for more pictures and step by step guides to creating the look yourselves!

I really recommend these, both to professional nail technicians, and also the at-home user.  You can buy dazzlings from the VivaLaNails website for £1.45 per pot that contains hundreds of them. Different shapes and colours are available to suit everyone's tastes.  I was so pleased with these dazzlings I'm very much looking forward to use all the others!

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5 comments on "Review: Viva La Nails Dazzlings"
  1. Thanks for answering! :)

    The hexagons look really cute!


  2. Thank you ladies :) will do more posts featuring the water decals and maybe a tutorial on how to apply them as well as some other posts with nail stickers and more dazzlings :)

  3. That was such a great deal! I like what you did on your mani!

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  4. Thank you Beauty Addict :)