Top - Ten Tuesdays ~ Eyeshadow shades

Good morning my lovelies :) here are my Top Ten eyeshadows for this week's post.  Most of these don't have a name :( so I will try and describe the colours as best as I can :)

10. Twilight (Estee Lauder palette) ~ a gorgeous light pinky shade perfect to use as a base and as a highlight colour.

9. Violet (Collistar) ~ a particular blue-based shade of purple.

8. Gold (Collistar) ~ the nicest gold eyeshadow I own to date.

7. Double Espresso (CoverGirl Trio Cafe au' Lait) ~ a deep brown shade with a slight metallic hint. Versatile for both day and night.

6. Khaki (Deborah Stories Large Palette) ~ my fovourite green eyesahdow. A perfect alternative to the natural brown smokey eye.

5. Shimmery purple (Deborah Stories Large Palette) ~ a gorgeous dark purple with gold shimmers that sparkle when they catch the light.

4. Emerald Green (Deborah Stories Large Palette) ~ the name says it all... very nice emerald colour, perfect to use for more dramatic night looks.

3. Metallic Teal (Revlon Warm & Toasty Limited Edition Palette, creams) ~ my favourite colour from this whole palette. very pigmented and does not crease!

2. Greige (Technic Palette) ~ my new favourite taupe! A very particular shade, I don't own any other shade similar to it.

1. Icicle (Ultra Glow Shimmer Pot) ~ a very far cry from your usual white! This shade is guaranteed to get you hooked on it. Versatile enough to be used both as an eyeshadow and as a highlight!

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