Top-Ten Tuesdays ~ Tips for Clear Facial Skin

Each and everyone of us has been bombarded with tips and suggestions to take care of our facial skin... some work, some don't and some seem to aggravate the situation even more. Here are the ten that actually work for me:

10. Clean your make-up brushes thoroughly at least once a week. I do this on Sundays usually. Cleaning your brushes will get rid of bacteria that accumulate in them, therefore resulting in clearer skin. In between uses, I clean mine with the elf Studio Daily Brush Cleaner and then use the Brush Shampoo for a thorough clean once a week (you can get both of these products from the elf cosmetics UK website or for USA and Canada).

9. Disinfect your mobile phone at the end of the day with some sanitizer.  Oils, make-up and bacteria from your skin will accumulate as you use your phone and these may cause breakouts at the sides of your face.  This also applies for the nose-pieces of sunglasses and spectacles. Sanitize them whenever you ca to avoid breakouts in the nose area.  Speaking of build-up, long hair can wreak havoc with your skin as well. Make sure you keep yours in check by washing it every other day.

8. We all know spots aren't supposed to be popped but if you can't resist, make sure your hands are squeaky-clean to avoid spreading the infection to other areas of your face and try to wrap a piece of tissue paper around your fingers.  However, a spot treatment cream is always the best bet. I use Effaclar AI by La Roche Posay (review coming up soon).

7. Moisturize! Even if your skin is oily, a good moisturizer is essential. Just remember to choose one that is adapted to your skin type and you're set. Going to back to oily skin, if you don't moisturize, your skin will think that there is a lack of oil and therefore, to compensate, it produces more, which means more breakouts. 

6. Knowing your skin type is essential to make sure you have clear skin all around.  Skin types vary greatly from one person to another and they tend to change seasonally and most of the time are under hormonal influence.  Ageing also changes our skin, therefore a skin assessment needs to be done occasionally. To get an idea on how to know what is your skin type, click here.

5. Once you know your skin type, you will know which products to use to care for your skin.  It is of utmost importance to have a skin care regimen (click here for an idea) and follow it religiously and also treat your skin to a scrub and a thorough clean with a face mask twice a week or less according to your skin's needs.  Scrubbing will remove cellular debris and will reveal clearer skin whilst a face mask will deep-clean your face for an even brighter complexion.  Alternate mask types so as to prevent them from not working on your skin because it would have gotten used to them, say for example if this week you used a deep cleansing mask, next week use a hydrating one.  Oily skin will benefit more if this is repeated twice every week whilst drier skin will be well-off with just one application a week.

4. Skip foundation for a couple of days if possible. Do so and you will notice that your skin looks better and you will be more confident not wearing foundation.

3. Wear sun-block everyday! Even when the sun is not out, harmful UVA (ageing) and UVB (burning) rays manage to pass through the clouds, therefore it is important to protect your skin. I use a moisturizer that has a UVA/UVB filter in it which saves me time in the morning.

2. A balanced diet also helps maintain a clear and healthy-looking complexion. I cut down my chocolate intake and have noticed a difference in the frequency of breakouts etc. However, there are no published medical studies that link chocolate consumption to breakout occurrence. This tip brings me to the no.1 Clear Skin tip...

1. which is... Hydration from within! Water is the best beauty product around and it is recommended to drink at least 2 litres of it a day (careful not to over-do it as it may lead to water intoxication).  Not only does water help maintain a clear skin, it also helps fights urinary-tract infections and other common skin conditions.  My best tip to reach the goal is to drink a glass of water every hour :) 

I hope you found these tips helpful ladies and if you have any you'd like to share, don't think twice to share them here :) Stay tuned for more Top-Ten Tuesdays :)

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4 comments on "Top-Ten Tuesdays ~ Tips for Clear Facial Skin"
  1. Thanks for the tips! :)

  2. Hope you find some of them useful :) xx

  3. Awesomee:)

    Erm I just thought you might like to know - the '2 litres of water a day' figure is actually false. The scientists who worked it out didn't include the water made during respiration, which means we produce water every time we produce energy; and neither does it take into account the water in food - and water is in all food. We have mechanisms in our bodies to make sure we don't dehydrate, after all :D and that tell us when to drink, so having an arbitrary figure isn't all that helpful!

    This is according to my chemistry teacher, who has a doctorate in.. food science? I think. Anyway, just thought you ought to know :):)

    Thanks for your makeup review stuff, it's ace X

  4. Wow I actually never knew that!!! Thanks for pointing it out Emma! I mean I know about our body mechanisms but I never thought the figure would be false because of them. However, water is actually good to hydrate your skin from within.

    Thanks for your contribution! I really appreciate that my readers find the time to read and comment... I might even learn something new just like I did now :)