Ladies, It's Shopping Time!!!

I do not normally shop during the sales period as I hate all the hustle and bustle that they bring along, but since it is still early, I hit some shops with Mum last Monday and here's what I ended up with:

Jacket, Bossini; Black cardigan, Peacocks

2 pairs Black leggings, Peacocks

I still have to pick up some more items from Terranova because their Smart Card machine was out of order... at least they reserved my clothes for me :)

I also got this gorgeous pair of earrings the other day... I can't resist them! And when there are butterflies involved... it's even harder!

We also went to the local supermarket and I bought some other beauty stuff:

Florelle nail polish and Maybelline Water Shine Lipstick in 02 Beige Glace... finally I managed to get my hands on it :D

From the perfumery till at the same supermarket, I got two free samples of Mat'Morphose foundation by L'Oreal Paris and a Revlon get the look chart feat. Tiffany Pisani, winner of BNTM and for those of you who are not yet aware, is a fellow Maltese! 

I think I will be hauling again for some more winter gear and any bargains that catch my eye in the coming weeks. Until, next post,

Stay Beautiful!

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5 comments on "Ladies, It's Shopping Time!!!"
  1. Love the coat! And the lipstick looks gorgeous! x

  2. Thank you Gertrude! the coat is in fact my fave piece here and the lipstick really is a gorgeous colour. I also have the older version of it called Cocoa Shake and it is the lipstick I use the most!

  3. Nice Haul Lara! I love the earrings! I got a sample of matmorphose aswell and it looks and feels gorgeous on the skin! I suggest you would try it out :)

  4. Everyone seems to love the earrings lol :) I actually wore them yesterday and they are very light weight! I just love them ^.^

    As for the foundation, I shall try it out soon :) hope it matches my skin tone :S It's good to read some opinions on a product before trying it out, so thank you Daniela :)