A look back on 2010... Beauty-wise

So here we are, NYE... waving 2010 goodbye and wishing for a better 2011. Currently I am preparing a list of all things I have to do for tonight... hair, make-up, defuzzing, etc... and thinking how I should do my neighbour's nails for her dinner dance (watch out for photos in a couple of hours).

I decided to focus on beauty-related issues I have gone through this year and share them with you all in this post...

Back in January I started a Beauty Care course where we dealt with personal care and make-up application as well as skin care on how does skin work, nail diseases, body shapes and all sorts of other beauty things and procedures every girl should be aware of.  I found the course to be very informative and I really enjoyed all the lessons.  Our teacher, a qualified Beauty Therapist was always enthusiastic and ready to answer all our questions and that really helped make the course well worth it!

Moving on, I also did a course for gel nail extensions and I obtained my certificate on the 18th September. I really enjoy enhancing people's nails as I perceive nails as accessories and they can really dress up an outfit. I love it even more when clients are totally satisfied with the results and come back over and over again :)

This year I was also introduced to the fantastic e.l.f. cosmetics by a friend of mine. I can't seem to stop ordering from their site time and time again! Not only do they have a wide range of make-up at unbeatable prices, but they also offer fantastic discounts and offers on their facebook page and have an excellent customer service to top it all off! 

This year has also seen the start of this blog. I hate to call it my blog as I write posts for you and it is therefore your blog :) And here I am now, 69 followers and 280 posts later... enjoying my time as a blogger more than ever! I really appreciate each one of you finding the time to read and comment on my posts, so here goes a big Thank You to all my followers who have been following me since my first post back in June and also a warm Welcome to all the new followers :)

With regards the hand-model competition on nailslong.com, I have finished 79th which in my opinion is not bas at all! Considering I started at 201!!

Anyways, I hope you all have a better 2011 filled with all your hearts' desires :) Happy Beautiful New Year my lovelies,

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5 comments on "A look back on 2010... Beauty-wise"
  1. Happy New Year Lara!!

    I really wanted to thank you, cause without knowing you really encouraged me to start blogging. At first I was really shy to start doing so, you know Malta being a small country, everyone knows each other etc. etc. Thanks also for being my first follower!!


  2. Awww how sweet of you Gertrude! :)

    It's the same thought I had about blogging but I said if British, Americans and people from the rest of the world can do it, i can do it too!

    Happy New Year to you too :) xxx

  3. All the best lara :):) Good Luck for your blog, I agree with Gertrude, it feels kind of shameful to write a blog on make up at first but it is so so nice when you get followers aka people who actually support you and appreciate the time you take to prepare and write posts that they would like.

    wishing you lots of happiness for the new decade and all the best lara xxx

  4. Thank you so much Dyna :) I really enjoy seeing other posts from Maltese bloggers :) Good luck with you blog as well and may you have a very happy new year :) xxx

  5. happy new year
    hope you have a good 2011!x