More Christmas Gifts + a Free Inglot Make-up Session!!!

Hey all! First of all let me start with wishing everyone of you a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Last Thursday, I had my dinner with course-mates, our last one as students actually... we went to this lovely wine bar and had a room all to ourselves as we were quite a large group.  This is what I wore:

Cardigan, Peacocks; Jeans, Stradivarius; Belt, Mango; Shoes, random shop

My make-up was done by a very talented make-up artist over at Inglot and (this is the best bit) it was for FREE!! I couldn't get a decent photo of my full face so here are some close-up shots of the eye make-up and the look she recreated on me:

I really like it when I have my make-up done at Inglot as the make-up artists explain each and every step of the application, very much like a crash course in personal make-up application.  She also fills out a face chart with the products she used and the sequence in which they were applied.  I finally bought the under make-up base I have been wanting since last year when I had my first free make-up session at Inglot. It costs €21 for 30ml and since I am planning to use it only when I use my liquid foundation, I think it is a reasonable price and that the product will last me a long time.  I really liked the end result and liked it even more that the make-up actually lasted me all night from 3 in the afternoon. I was most impressed with the red lip though, both in terms of colour and the fact it lasted so long!

Cute little red bag, the personalized face chart & Under Make-up Base (below)

Finally, here are some gifts I received these last couple of days:

Camay Vanilla Shower Gel, Elle Cosmetics Nail Polish (202 Silk) and Lipstick (95).  Mum got these as part of her hamper which her work company gave them as a Christmas present.

Swatches of the nail polish & lipstick

GF Ferre Lei perfume from my neighbour... smells gorgeous!!

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10 comments on "More Christmas Gifts + a Free Inglot Make-up Session!!!"
  1. You look really good with red lippie! Merry Christmas Lara xx

  2. you look gorgeous :)
    actually my mum received the free make up session and she told them I'll go instead of her, they send me the invite thing but I never went- shame on me. But I was very busy working at the time so I couldn't really :/

  3. @ Gertrude, Thank you and same to you dear xx

    @ Dyna, next time, I really recommend you go for it!! It is a very nice experience, I can tell cos it's not my first time there and I am never disapponted ;) xx

  4. Hi there!! you are gorgeous, my dear!! i love that cardigan and the nakeup look!!
    Lots of love from a new follower here,

  5. That's so sweet of you Catanya! Thank you so much xx :)

  6. hey lara, i just tagged you on a post I done on my blog, hope you check it out and do it too :) xxx

  7. Your eyes look fantastic, I see Inglot doing peoples faces, is it always free or was it for a limited time only? I always consider going in but I am far too shy!

    Your eyes looked lovely though so I may brave it one day!

  8. Hey there!!

    They called me and booked me for a free session because I so buy some products from them from time to time, but I believe they do send out vouchers via postal means to certain areas in Malta (if like me you live in the south, I don't think they deliver them in the area but you can always get a relative to keep you theirs... I do that when my bf gets a couple of these vouchers :P). There's nothing to be shy about...I'd say definitely go for it!!