NOTW: Glamourous Fishnets... New Year's Eve Tutorial #2

Here's a way how to wear fishnets without looking trashy...

I am going to be wearing this manicure tomorrow for NYE Celebrations over at our capital city Valletta.  Stay tuned for my OOTN post tomorrow :) Keep on reading to find out how to create this design yourselves :)

1. Since I am used a dark red colour, I painted on two thin coats of a clear base coat instead of one to protect my nails from staining.

2. When this dries, apply two coats of a deep red nail polish or any other colour you prefer. I chose e.l.f. Cranberry and applied it on all nails omitting the ring fingers.

3. On the ring fingers, paint on a French tip with the same colour. 

4. With a medium sized striper brush, create a criss-cross grid design as shown in the pictures.  Leave to dry.

5. Apply a coat of a glossy clear top coat all over the nails including the ring fingers.  You may wish to leave the design as it is or else go on to achieve the same design as mine.

6. For this, you will need some steel beads (I got mine off ebay at a really cheap price for 18 different colours). Dip a dotting tool or toothpick in the clear top coat and pick the beads one by one and arrange them on the nail following the curve of the tip.  Do this while the top coat applied in the previous step is still wet.

7. Allow a few minutes for everything to dry and top coat again to finish!

Happy New Year everyone :)

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9 comments on "NOTW: Glamourous Fishnets... New Year's Eve Tutorial #2"
  1. Would love to do this on my nails! Maybe with a different color. (^__^)

  2. Of course! I chose red to match my outfit but you are free to do the design with any colour you like!

  3. It looks fab, I got some striper brushes but think they must be bad quality because they seem too long and not rigid enough to do lines with :(
    Enjoy your NYE!

  4. Hey Enigma, Happy NY to you too :)

    With regards the stripers, don't dismiss them because of their length and lack of rigidity... I have a couple that are long and none of mine are rigid... they still produce very good line though so I would say try them out before trashing them.

    If they are too long and difficult to control, try trimming them to a better size :)

    Btw, I find that the best way to draw lines with stripers is by turning your nail against the brush and let the nail polish leave the line behind!

  5. Ahh thanks! I will try everything I can, I like the idea of moving your finger rather than the brush :)

  6. Replies
    1. This is e.l.f. cosmetics Cranberry :)