Review: Ms. Manicure Call Your Buff 6-way buffer

I bought this buffer about a year ago because my Body Shop one wasn't good for use anymore.  I really like the back of the protective pouch where you get the instructions:

It's kinda cute don't you agree? As you can tell from the title, the buffer has 6 'sides' to it but honestly I don't see the necessity of this. Let's take a look at them individually:

1. File Away ~ I don't like the grit on this side as it feels rather smooth compared to other nail files so I definitely don't use this to file my nails.

2. Shape Up ~ Again, this is too smooth to shape your nails and besides, I shape my nails with my nail file as I go along.

3. Tidy Those Tips ~ This is the first side I like from this buffer! You know when you file your nails and you get some left-over hanging bits from the tips of your nails? This side clears them up for you!

4. Smooth It Down ~ This side is supposed to remove ridges (those fine vertical lines along the nails) and stains from the nails, but I have never seen any difference.

5. Buff To Beautiful ~ I like how this side really buffs the nails to a satiny-smooth feel therefore prepping them for a smooth polish application.

6. Polish Me Perfect ~ This side gives a shine to the nails and makes them look as if you have applied a layer of clear polish.  However, to me this has no use as I always polish my nails.

I can't remember the exact price for this but it wasn't expensive for sure but I don't think I will buy it again as I don't reach for it that often and to me, it would have sufficed to have the tip tidying side and the buffing side. However, should the nail file have the correct grit, it would have been even better. 

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