Tag: 15 Random Facts About Me

The gorgeous Dyna from Dyna's Random Blog, tagged me to do this post, so here goes!

1. If you have read my Ultimate Nail Tag, you will know I was born with long fingernails (if you didn't you know now haha) and something extra (or should I say less)... no hair! I guess all the keratin was at my fingertips lol :P

2. My favourite flavour/scent of pretty much anything that exists is Vanilla!

3. I hate winter and rainy days like today and I ADORE summer. No I don't care about the suffocating humid hot summer we have nor do I care about my unruly hair, I just love the up-beat moods I am in during summer and I love sunshine and bright clothes, bright everything, days at the beach... Oh summer I miss thee so much!!! Please come back soon ;(

4. I don't have a huge make-up collection as I only buy essentials, but I do like to try out new products so I'd say I have a medium-sized collection. However, I do have quite a good number of polishes hehe :)

5. I love SHOES!! If I'm feeling under the weather, I believe retail therapy is my only cure and nothing makes me more happy than buying a new pair of gorgeous shoes!

6. I think black is an elegant and fail-safe choice of  clothes' colour  for practically andy setting yet I don't like wearing it!
7. I am freaking scared of roaches but I am very fascinated by butterflies... their freedom and bright colours are what I admire the most.

8. My favourite animal to have as a pet would be a cat... he/she would keep my tootsies warm in winter :P Shown here is my bf's oldest cat... she's adorable and soooo soft!

9. I do not own any Mac... kill me now lol but I just don't get it why someone would spend all that money on a single eyeshadow/lipstick... when there are cheaper alternatives with exceptional quality.

10. Doing nail art (both on my own nails and for clients) is what relaxes me.

11. I get cold hands and feet all throughout the year!

12. I am a self-confessed book worm and will read anything interesting that comes to hand.

13. I keep 3 diaries to write all the stuff I have to do... my Uni diary, clients diary and a diary for all appointments, to do lists, etc... yes I am a tad OCD with having everything organized :S

14. My all time idol is Audrey Hepburn... I so admire her beauty and grace!

15. I feel most confident when my hair is in place!

I hate having to tag only 5 more bloggers as I don't want anyone to feel left out, thereby I tag all of you to do this! Would love to see your responses as I see tag posts as a way to get to know each other :)

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5 comments on "Tag: 15 Random Facts About Me"
  1. Who doesn't love shoes?! :D I adore Audrey Hepburn as well.. I really want to buy a wall poster of her but don't know if it will match with my room lol. Great post :)

  2. awesome post lara :)

  3. @ Gertrude: lol! Mum and Dad ran some arrands today and they got me this tin with a Breakfast at Tiffany's Poster printed on it and Audrey Hepburn's most famous portrait from that film! Will do a collective haul post soon so that you can see it :) xx

    @Dyna: thanks to you for tagging me :) xx

  4. Aww thanks looking forward to seeing it :) xx

  5. I loooove shoes too! :D I only own 3 MAC products, but I got them on sale. I can't understand this whole MAC frenzy!