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'I am looking for perfection! To me, that is someone who is comfortable with all her imperfections.' - Justin Timberlake

Hello my lovelies I hope you're all having a fun weekend! It's a bit chilly today in Malta so I am still cosy at home at the moment but I soon have to go to my friend's house to do some nail art for her (watch out for today's next post where I will publish the photos and also those of a gel full set I did this morning).  Anyways, there have been quite a few interesting tags going all around the beauty channels on YouTube and I thought why not do them on my blog?  I decided to start with the My Perfect Imperfections one, where I have to mention 3 things I don't like about myself (physically) and three others that I like; so, here goes...

  1. My height ~ I am quite short for my age... only 1.5m!!!
  2. My hair ~ I have very fine hair that won't hold any style for more than 10 minutes and frizzes at the slightest hint of humidity :S
  3. My hayfever which leaves me with puffy eyes practically almost every morning!


  1. My flat, toned stomach/belly
  2. My legs
  3. My nails
I tag everyone of you who feels like sharing their perfect imperfections... I think it's an effective way to get the word around that NO ONE, beauty guru or not is perfect in every way!!

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3 comments on "TAG: My Perfect Imperfections"
  1. Hehe nice :) I might do it! Btw I'm 1.55 lol


  2. I'll do this one! I am 1.57 (well according to my conversion skills!).

  3. Will check it out for sure!! xxx