Top-Ten Tuesdays ~ Deodorants

Here are my Top Ten picks for deodorants this week.  I have picked these according to how the effect lasts, smell, how smooth my underarms feel, anti-clothes' staining and the best thing of all is that none of these sting when you apply them right after shaving!

10. Nivea Calm and Care
9. Arrid XX
8. Impulse Romantic Spark
7. M&S Cocoa Butter and Vanilla roll-on
6. Dove 24h Care
5. Impulse True Love
4. Impulse Temptation
3. Impulse Tease
2. Nivea Pearl & Beauty
1. Nivea Double Effect 24h

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7 comments on "Top-Ten Tuesdays ~ Deodorants"
  1. I used to buy no. 2, but now I switched no. 1 and I really like the feeling it gives!! xx

  2. Same happened here! :) xx

  3. Nivea double effect is great, I love the scent of it in particular. I love to buy it in the smallest size available because its so handy to carry around in your bag. Arrid is also great :)

    Daniela x

  4. I totally agree with you Daniela... the thing is I have yet to find it in a travel sized can :S

  5. Franks have it and so do pavi if you live close to qormi :)

  6. Ok will pop in as soon as I get the chance :) xx

  7. nivea double effect has a great scent!! I love that one:)

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