Top-Ten Tuesdays ~ Make-up Brushes

Hello ladies! Sorry today's post is a bit late as opposed to the others, but this morning, I went along with my father and brother to a crib exhibition as a friend of ours has submitted his creation for the competition and then we went to Mdina (if you happen to visit Malta, make sure to check out this place - it used to be our country's capital city).  Anyways, today I decided to share my Top-Ten make-up brushes with you.  I only use brushes to apply my make-up with. I never use sponges and very rarely use my fingers.

10. Fraulein 38 Fan Brush
9. Avon Retractable Lip Brush
8. Concealer Brush that came with an imperfection-masking concealer that Mum bought but for some reason never used (lol!)
7. Fraulein 38 Eyebrow Wand
6. Fraulein 38 Eyebrow and Lash Comb
5. Fraulein 38 Eyeshadow C Brush
4. Fraulein 38 Contouring Brush
3. Fraulein 38 Face Brush

You can find a review on the Fraulein 38 brushes here.

Which are your favourite brushes ladies?

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8 comments on "Top-Ten Tuesdays ~ Make-up Brushes"
  1. I really like how fan brushes look! I had done a post on my fave brushes if you want to check it out :)

  2. The MAC ones are unfortunately :| But if you buy a Sigma set it is very worth it compared to buying just a single brush. But well they were given to me as a birthday present so I can't really say I bought them with my own money :) xx

  3. haha it always feels good to receive something expensive isn't it :P ?

  4. I LOVE Mdina, was one of the first places we visited when we moved here, it's so beautiful.

    I can't believe how many brushes you have! I bought one recently but can't seem to get the knack. When I apply foundation using a brush it just looks cakey and horrible :(

  5. You can get really good brushes at even better prices on ebay or elf cosmetics to first try them out but I always recommend you look up reviews before parting with your cash especially for the elf ones. I bought my Fraulein set off ebay in fact from a seller called wildcentury.

    As for your foundation, I usually pour out a small amount on the back of my hand, dip the brush slightly and then dab 4 dots on my face: forehead, one on each cheek and another on my chin. I then blend everything and add foundation gradually using small. circular, buffing movements. I use the elf powder brush (no.1 here) for both liquid and mineral foundations and it gives amazing results!

    And dont worry if you're still green on application... I will be doing a series of posts tackling application techniques and everything you need to know about make-up as from next year, so watch out for that :) xx

  6. thanks so much for this comment thats so sweet of you :) i will definitely spend my evening practicing, this was really helpful!

    Look forward to the posts with even more information, I love things like tips/tutorials etc :) following ;) xx

  7. Glad you found it helpful :) xx

  8. i love elf's powder and blending brush too x