Miscellaneous goodies!

Quicky for today cos I'm busy making my way through micro-organisms and whole load of other assignments :/... Anyways, here are some things I got my hands on this week :)

First up, a set of nail art dotting tools off ebay...

I bought these for around €2 for the five of them... they are all different sizes and I put two in my nail tech kit and kept the other three in my nail art drawer as I already have a small dotting tool in my kit. I really like the marbeled handle on these :)

Talking about nails and nail art, yes you guessed! Another nail polish!!! And a very on-trend colour I might add! Mum got this from the hairdressers once again and I really like the deep plummy brown colour of this one! I have already applied it on my nails and to me it screams sophistication! Review of these polishes coming soon :)
To keep my hands and rest of my body looking and feeling supple, a relative of my bf gave me two full sized products from La Roche Posay! There was also a form inside the box of the body milk and I filled it so I am kept informed about any promotions the brand might have and also receive free samples.  Both of these are directed at dry skin conditions... perfect for this time of year!

Finally, something to keep me warm in style!

This chunky red scarf courtesy of my Mum! It really does keep me warm and I love the design on this one as well as the colour... it really brightens and warms up a dull, cold winter day!

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6 comments on "Miscellaneous goodies!"
  1. Love the colour of the scarf x

  2. I have been trying some of the La Roche Posay products too and I love them so far!

    Charlene xxx

  3. following you back! Thanks for the follow!

  4. Ahh I like the marbelling on the dotting tools too, mine were different colour twirls inside them.

  5. @ Charlene: i do use other products from them and I really like them too :)

    @ amanda: thank you :)

    @ Enigma: might as well have cute tools while doing some thing cute hehe ;)