NOTW: Flower Water Decals

This week, I used Viva La Nails water decals to create my nail design.  The colour, a deep brownish-red, to me signifies sophistication and what better way to jazz it up than with flowers? This was the perfect excuse to try the colour out and also try the water decals. They are very simple to apply, just don't rush and keep a rhinestone nipper (you can get these off ebay for a very cheap price) or a pair of tweezers handy :)

1. Start off with a good base coat to prevent your nails from becoming stained with the dark polish.

2. Paint on two coats of polish all over the entire nails, making sure to leave a hair-line gap on the sides and near the cuticles to further prevent your nails from staining.

3. Now for the fun part!
a) Make sure your nail polish is dry and cut out the designs you want from the water decal sheet and peel off the protective film.

b) Put the decal on a bowl of room temperature warm for a few seconds.

c) Pick the decal up from the water with tweezers/nipper and rest it on the pad of your finger (design facing upwards) and leave the design to soak up the water for a few more seconds.

d) Transfer the design face down on the opposite finger pad and carefully slide the backing off.

e) Pick the design with the tweezers/nipper and carefully lay it on the nail and clear out any air bubbles with the tweezers itself.  For a visual explanation of how to apply water decals, check out this video from the Viva La Nails website :)

4. After approximately a minute, the decal should be dry and it is ok to top-coat the nails with a glossy top-coat :)

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4 comments on "NOTW: Flower Water Decals"
  1. Nice design! Your nails look longer than usual :) x

  2. They are actually longer :) xx glad you like the look :)

  3. OMG I like it sooooo much, it's one of my favorite manicures from you!! x

  4. Awww thank you Stevi :) it is one of my favourites mainly because of the background colour!