NOTW: YSL Inspired New Half-Moon Nails

Hey all! Here's another NOTW tutorial for you!  This manicure is inspired by YSL's AW 2010 nails seen on their models.  It is basically a French Manicure but instead of leaving the base nude and colouring just the tip, two contrasting colours are used to give it a whole new dimension.

I used different colours though I remained faithful to the purple bottom colour and I did an upside down half-moon on the tips rather than following the natural curve of the nails.

Here's the end result:

If you like what you see, grab two contrasting colours from your stash and let's get started!

1.  Start off by applying a good base coat.  This is always necessary but even more so when working with dark polishes so as to prevent the nails from getting stained.

2. Paint two coats of a base colour of your choice and leave to dry. I used elf cosmetics Party Purple.

3.  Now for the tips, you can either follow the usual shape of a French tip or else do like I did and use curved tip guides to create an upside-down half-moon tip.  Make sure the base colour is dry and affix the tip guides like so:

4. Paint on the second colour of your choice above the tip guide and allow to dry. Here I used Orly Dazzle.

5. When this dries, carefully remove the tip guide and you should be left with something like this:

6. To finish the design, apply a clear top coat and you're done!

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2 comments on "NOTW: YSL Inspired New Half-Moon Nails"
  1. Your nails are so pretty! This is a good idea and love the purple and silver combo! YSL is just amazing!

  2. Thank you very much thomessa :) go ahead and try it out yourself seeing you like it so much! Thanks again for stopping by :) xx