Review: The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Body Scrub and Body Butter

Hey y'all! Today I'm going to review two products that I have been using almost everyday since I got them (credit goes to my bro)... The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Body Scrub and Body Butter!  I have been lusting over the limited edition holiday collections by The Body Shop ever since they were released here in Malta and being a sucker for anything vanilla, I just couldn't let these pass me by could I? So when my brother asked me what I wanted, I told him these would be perfect and he got me the large ones!! :D

Here's what they look like packaging-wise:

So they are the same as other scrubs and body butters from The Body Shop but I actually like the motifs on the caps and neutral colours of the tubs.

Body Scrub

You get 200ml (198g) of 'exfoliating scrub scented with a hint of spice and extract of vanilla & also with Community Trade cocoa butter'.  From this sentence, you know that what is inside smells a.m.a.z.i.n.g!!! Plus the fact that it contains Community Trade cocoa butter, means you can spoil yourself and be guilt-free as some of the proceeds go to help people who are in need :)

The texture of this scrub is somewhere like yoghurt: not too thick, not to runny and the granules do not feel harsh at all against the skin, yet they polish it to perfection to reveal silky smooth skin that smells delicious!

The smell of this lingers for quite a long time on its own and to prolong it, I always team it with the matching body butter that I am going to write about later on this post.  However, to me it seems that the scrub has a stronger scent than the body butter.

So far this is my favourite body scrub from The Body Shop only because it smells of vanilla as it performs in the same way as the other ones I have tried from them.  This scrub retails for €12 but considering that you get an awesome amount and that some of the proceeds go towards Community Trade, I think it is well worth the money.

Body Butter

On to the 'sweetly scented' body butter 'with a hint of spice and extract of vanilla'... The one I have is also in the 200ml format but with regards to weight, it weighs 192g (the scrub weighs more because of the granules). I really like the thick textures of body butters from The Body Shop all year round practically! During this time of year, I like it because it feels really moisturizing whilst in the summer, I do enjoy a cool and hydrating treat after a day at the beach.  Despite it's thick texture, it is still rapidly absorbed by the skin and doesn't feel sticky at all.

Although it has the same smell as the scrub, I find it doesn't last that much when I use it on its own and I can even say that it doesn't smell as strong as the scrub does; but I still love it! I'm actually gutted that this was just limited edition (together with Cranberry Joy and Jolly Orange) :( The body butter retails for €13 but again, it will last so I say go for it while you can!

P.S. If you are in the UK, check out The Body Shop Website and get your fix of Vanilla Spice for £6 each!!

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8 comments on "Review: The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Body Scrub and Body Butter"
  1. The print on the lid is really cute! Have never tried these but I always loved products from the Body Shop. x

  2. Anonymous21/1/11 16:22

    I got the spiced vanilla hand cream, it smells gorgeous :)

  3. I got my mother the spiced vanilla body butter and hand cream and they really do smell amazing. If they still have some of these I might even get a backup as I am so in love with this scent.

    Charlene xxxx

  4. They really are lovely girls! And Charlene, grab em before they're gone! xxx

  5. Yum yum!!! :D *adding it to my wishlist* x

  6. get them before they're gone Stevi as these were limited edition!

  7. I have the body scrub...used it just once...loved it...

  8. I love it so much I use it twice a week!