Review: Shulips Heel Protectors

Hey guys! Today I'm going to review the Shulips Heel Protectors I won from the first R8Beauty Christmas giveaway.

They got here two weeks ago or so and I couldn't wait to give them a go! So I tried them immediately with a pair of shoes that fits me a bit big and thus rubs against the back of my feet with every step.

Let's see what they look like first. So, they come in this cute cardboard box which has like a tulip motif on it with a window so you can see which colour you're picking (mine were clear). On the back, you will find instructions on how to use them.

To open the package, you just have to lift the tab at the back and pull out the carton on which the Shulips are. Mine was a bit difficult to pull out because the carton was stuck to one of the sides so I just tore the sides open and took the Shulips out.

This is how the Shulips actually look like:

They are basically shield-shaped rubber pads with an overlapping lip! They are very easy to apply, just remove the protective backing and position in your shoe, making sure to align the lip to the back of the shoe  (see pictures below). This ensures that your Shulips stay in place and your feet are taken care of!


I really like how they feel... not to hard, not too soft... just comfortable enough that you forget what heel pain and blisters are!

I definitely recommend these to anyone because they are the only true heel protectors I have found to work for me! Here's where you can buy them if you are in the UK or even outside! Enjoy your pain-free heels!

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4 comments on "Review: Shulips Heel Protectors"
  1. Thanks for this, I have always wondered whether these things are any good, and sounds like they do their job :) x

  2. Yes they do and I really love them for that! I think I might get some more hehe :)

  3. Great review, mine are black have still to do a proper review on them!

    Charlene xxxx

  4. You will love them for sure Charlene! They are really great! xxx