Top-Ten Tuesdays ~ YouTube Beauty Gurus & Nail Artists

Last week, I listed my favourite beauty bloggers and this week, I will share with you my favourite YouTube Beauty Gurus and Nail Artists! Do check out their channels and if you haven't already, hit subscribe!

10. emilynoel83
9. Filthy Gorgeous Makeup
8. ginabinawina99
7. miss glamorazzi
6. Bubz Beauty
5. oxfordjasmine
4. pixiwoo
3. DivaMakeUpQueen
1. Miss Chievous

There are loads of other YouTubers whom I love watching all of their tutorials such as TiffanyD, BeenaBop, KlairedelysArt and ClioMakeUp but these are the ones I like most :)

Who are your favourite YouTube gurus ladies?

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4 comments on "Top-Ten Tuesdays ~ YouTube Beauty Gurus & Nail Artists"
  1. I adore emily and miss glamorazzi and pixiwoo! You should check out Lisa Eldrige ( too she's got so many great tips and techniques.

    Charlene xxxx

  2. Thank you for your suggestion Charlene :) will check her out :) xx

  3. i love lisa eldrige (lisaeldridgedotcom) & makeupgeek (makeupgeektv).. they're really good makeup artists. lisa eldridge also does the makeup of some famous people xoxo

  4. I have actually subscribed to them both and I love them as well!! xxx