ebay Haul: 10-Pan Empty Palette

Good morning ladies! My morning lecture had been cancelled today so I headed back home.  Well, the postie delivered my 10-pan empty palette that I ordered from ebay a few days ago.  Here are some pictures of the packaging and the palette itself:

As you can see, it was wrapped in a very cute way with the ribbon and all and there were two layers of bubble wrap around the palette.  In fact, it arrived in whole piece :D.  I like how sleek and sturdy it feels actually! Much better than the one I got rid of! 

I had been looking for an empty palette for ages now... I really want a Unii palette but is it beyond my budget at the moment so I looked up ebay.  Now the pans of this one are really big but I couldn't find one with smaller pans. Anyways, I still managed to depot the eyeshadows neatly... I took them out of their original case and then stuck them to the detachable aluminium pans with some super glue!

Now I am looking for a palette that is just empty... no pans, no nothing so that I can put the other mono eyeshadows that I have and that are not circular.  If any of you come across one, I would appreciate it if you let me know :)
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  1. That looks really nice! I think you can actually remove the dividers in palettes like these, then use magnets to put the shadows in the palette.

    Charlene xxxx
    A Cosmetic Affair

  2. I never thought of doing this! ism't it difficult to remove the eyeshadow from the cases? xxx

  3. @Charlene: Thank you for your suggestion but since this palette was not magnetized, I don't think that would have been possible. If I had to put two magnets (one attached to the palette and one to the pan), I think it would be too think and the palette doesn't close so I figured out I'd go the way I did :)

    @Carla: You just have to heat the underside of the case with some hair straighteners/hair dryer and then carefully lift them out of the case :)

  4. I am after one too but they are so expensive for what they are. I had a cardboard one but it got beaten up so going to try the first option, mainly because its a lot cheaper and easier.



  5. Thank you so much for sharing Enigma!! The first option is the one I like best... now I just need to find the little tin boxes!

  6. What you could do is buy a sheet of metal like from Home Depot and cut it to size. The one I got had was silver on one side and black on the other. I found it in the roofing section. I glue the metal sheet with the silver side down and black side up. Then I used these premade magnets found on TKBtrading.com (or you can cut your own) and whala! you have a magnetized palette. TIP: To make sure I bought the right metal, I brought the magnet and stuck it on things.

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