Mid-Week Beauty Master class: Blusher

First of all, excuse me ladies for not posting this yesterday but I was very very busy with errands I had to run and other things Uni-related. This week, as you can tell from the title, we will take a look at blushers.

Blusher is perhaps one of the most commonly encountered products in every woman's make-up collection. From the hoard of colours available ranging from all pinks imaginable to all peaches imaginable, every girl is bound to find her perfect shade(s)!

Let's have a look at the blusher formulations available on the market...

Cream blush usually comes in a little plastic pot or in twist-up tubes (like NYC Creme Sticks).  They are the best blushes for people with dry skin whilst if you have oily skin, you can use these as a base for your powder blush to stick to.  Cream blushes have a fairly thick consistency but they intensity of the colour can be built up.  I like to apply cream blushes by dabbing the blush on my cheeks and then blending it outwards with my fingers.

Powder Blush is perhaps the most common type of blusher.  They are very light weight so the colour will be very buildable in most instances.  Powder blushes usually come in pan format and are best applied with either a flat-top brush for a much easier application or else with an angled blusher brush to help frame the face better.

Mineral Blush, like all other mineral make-up is gaining popularity real fast; the reason being, mineral make-up is paraben-free and preservative-free, therefore making it an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin.  Mineral blushes are usually supplied in jars with sifter tops and the best way to apply them is with a nice fluffy brush.

Liquid Blush is another type of blush that usually comes in a jar similar to foundation ones. Sometimes they come with a pump to give you more control on how much you put on. 

Blusher Pearls offer a nice alternative to baked blushes where you can just swirl a brush over the pearls to get the right amount of product and then just dust it on your face for a nice shimmery sheen.

Now that we have looked into the different types of blushers available, it  is time to determine which shade suits you best! To do this, it is very easy... just put a pink towel on one shoulder and a peach towel on the other and see which one suits your complexion best.  This will also determine if you have a cool skin tone (pink) or a warm skin tone (peach)!

Finally, to learn that extra little bit about blush, click here for some fun facts :)

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2 comments on "Mid-Week Beauty Master class: Blusher"
  1. Cream blushes all the wayyyyy, I've been obsessed with them lately lol ! ;) x

  2. I am actually new to cream blushes but so far I am loving them! :) xx