Mid-Week Beauty Master class: Eyeshadow

Hey all! This week we will go through the different types of eyeshadow avaliable and which ones are best suited for the different skin types.  Like foundation, eyeshadows need a primer underneath so as to make them last longer and boost the colour.  For more information about eye primers, please click here.  Eyeshadow is perhaps the fun part of the make-up routine as it helps accentuate the eyes and creates a focal point on your face.

Pressed Eyeshadows are the most popular type of eyeshadows and come in a vast array of colours, shapes, sizes and packages.  They are usually supplied in pans and are sold as monos, duos, trios, etc and even in huge palettes!! They can be very powdery so a good base is always a must and if you want to, you can always put powder under your eyes to catch fall-outs and then dust everything away neatly.  Invest in a good set of brushes to achieve the best possible results!

Mineral Eyeshadows are becoming hugely popular because they do not contain any preservatives or parabens and are thus hypoallergenic.  They usually come in jars with a sifter and arrive in powder form.  The same application tips as for the pressed eyeshadows apply for these.

Cream Eyeshadows are very good way of making your eyeshadow last longer.  Try complementing the colours to boost your powder eyeshadow colour.  Make sure you use a good base with these and set them with powder to prevent creasing/fading.  If you have oily lids, pay extra attention when using cream eyeshadows.

Eyeshadow Pigments are powder eyeshadow that give very intense colouration because they are finely milled.  They come in wide-mouthed jars of different sizes and are a great alternative to powder eyeshadows if you are looking for a more striking colour!  Since they are so powdery, make sure you apply a good primer to provide a base for the eyeshadow to stick to.

Liquid Eyeshadow is another type of eyeshadow that is becoming more widely used.  It is usually supplied in a tube with a doe-foot applicator (similar to a lipgloss) and once dry, they give a very nice finish that lasts for a good amount of time.

Very soon I will do a more detailed post on how to choose the perfect eyeshadow colours depending on skin tone and eye shapes. Till next post, stay beautiful!

Finally, here are some eyeshadow application techniques:

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  1. I recently got my first liquid eyeshadow but no idea how to get it to work for me! Lol!