Mid-Week Beauty Master class: Setting Powder

Time for another Beauty Master class ladies! After applying your foundation and concealer, it is now time to apply a setting powder.  The aim of setting powder is to provide you with a shine-free finish and help make-up last longer.  However, people with dry skin tend to not apply powder to keep their skin looking dewy and prevent the powder from accentuating dry areas.  Basically, a setting powder comes in two forms: loose or pressed/compact.  I recommend you use a loose powder before leaving the house (they are more messy and the jars are usually bulky) and keeping a pressed powder in your purse for on-the-go touch-ups.  There are also powders with shade variations that give your face a hint of colour and also translucent ones that leave no colour behind at all.

Pressed Powder typically comes in a plastic compact case usually with a mirror (but not always) and an applicator (sponge or fluffy).  Since these powders are pressed together with oils, they are not really light-weight so be careful to use just a small amount and gently dab it where you want to eliminate shine to avoid it looking cakey. A fluffy brush is your best bet with these as it gives just the right amount of matte; sponges can build up the product to a cakey finish as they tend to pick up a lot of product!  To keep your powder in tip-top condition, make sure you wash the applicator very often to prevent oils, dirt and cellulr debris from your skin from ending up in the compact.

Loose Powder is much more messy to work with so when you first get it, just pin two or three holes in the sifter to prevent getting the powder all over the place.  The lightweight formulas of loose powders makes them the ideal product to use for setting your make up as they won't pack on as much as a pressed powder will.  A powder brush/puff will do the trick when applying such powders!

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2 comments on "Mid-Week Beauty Master class: Setting Powder"
  1. Loose powders really can be messy! Esp since I always wear black! :) xx

  2. Yeah I feel your pain... even wit mineral powder foundation it is the same... I get a lot of fall-out which is very noticeable on dark clothes :/