Nail (art) related haul, nail polish swatches swatches and a few clothing items...

Today I have a collective haul for you cupcakes! I wanted to wait until I received all the stuff I ordered from ebay so as to combine them all in one post.  It's all basically nail art related stuff as you will see :)

I was out of swatching wheels so I got a 10-pack as well as 10 colours of striping tape and a few rhinestones.  They are all pearls and the white ones come in 4 different sizes.

I also picked up a few items from some sales that were still going on here and the best part is, Mum paid for it all!! Here's what I got:

Cute, Polka dot print bikini from Peacocks & Smoking detail dress from Stradivarius

Floral print shorts from Pull & Bear

I also got a pair of girly boxers but since I don't think it's appropriate to flash my undies here, I will share just a sneak-peak of the print with you guys ;) I think it has summer written all over it and I really love the bright colours in it!  Oh, and by the way, I got these from Peacocks and they were only €1 lol!!! I absolutely had to have them! I also have my eyes on one that had these little lipsticks and compacts on it but I didn't see it today so I might get it next time I come across it maybe :)

And finally, here are some nail polish/nail art striper polishes swatches that I have been meaning to do but as I explained earlier, I was out of swatching wheels:

Left to right: Matte metallic silver striper, essence colour & go in 35 Movie Star, Eugene Perma deep reddish- plum, BYS Ultraviolet & BYS Coral Sea 

Left to right: BYS Lime Spritz, BYS Aqua Pool, BYS Pink on the Brink, Barry M Nail Paint in & Gold striper polish; Eugene Perma Coral polish

Gosh I have spent so much money this month that I am putting myself on a shopping ban and we'll see for how long I will manage to resist.  There are more ebay hauls coming soon but I have bought everything this month so look out for them as soon as I get all the items :)

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5 comments on "Nail (art) related haul, nail polish swatches swatches and a few clothing items..."
  1. BYS Ultraviolet, BYS Coral Sea, BYS Pink on the Brink, & the Barry M Nail Paint are all so gorgeous.
    Also thank you so much I can't wait to get the package. :)

  2. Lovely haul! Be interesting to see what you do with the tape :)

    Have you tried metallic nail polishes? Ones where you use a magnet to make patterns etc?

  3. Yes sure Enigma! I'v never heard if the metallic polishes though... where do you get them from please? And can you please do a post on how to use them if you have any? It would be much appreciated from my side! xx

  4. I havent been able to find any in the UK :( the ones I have seen though are available in Europe though so you might be lucky. They are by Essence, so maybe look at the website? I saw about them here: and I think it could have been lancome who did one but thats not new I dont think.

    As for your comments on my blog, I dont have any knowledge on music so no idea really what a note looks like! Any comments are always welcome :)

  5. Thank you so much! We get essence here so I might be lucky! I will check the link out :) xx