NOTW: The 50's Red Manicure... vamped up!

It's Sunday once again and that means another nail tutorial! This time I opted for something plain but classy... the 50's Manicure.  In the 1950's, many women used to wear another version of the classic red manicure.  It is essentially the same look, except that the half-moons at the base of each nail are left unpainted.  Instead of the traditional red, I have used a darker nail polish to achieve this look.  The only requirement to get this look yourselves is a steady hand! Let's get started! 

1. Apply a clear base coat all over the nails and leave to dry.

2. Select the colour you want and start painting a stripe of nail polish down the centre of the nail, starting just above the lunula (half-moon) at the base of your nail.

3. Apply a stripe of nail colour to each side of the nail, following the line of the half-moon.  Apply a second coat if desired.

4. Finish the manicure off with a coat of clear top-coat all over the nail.

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1 comment on "NOTW: The 50's Red Manicure... vamped up!"
  1. Love this colour! Totally vampire-isque! x